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Hesperidin Powder

Product Name: Hesperidin
Grade: Food Grade
Response time: within 30 minutes
Delivery time: within 72 hours
Inventory quantity: large inventory
Product price: competitive price
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Xi'an Neo Bio--Hesperidin Powder Manufacturers Spot.

NEO Biotech was established in 2015. Since establishment, it has been focusing on the production, processing and export of Hesperidin Powder series as its main business.

Hesperidin Powder

Quick Details

Product Name: Hesperidin

Type:Herbal Extract

Specification: 90%

CAS NO: 520-26-3

Shelf Life:2 years


Packaging:bottle, Drum, VacuumPacked

Grade: Food Grade

MOQ:100 g


Test Method: HPLC

Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction


Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging Details: 25kgs/Fiber drumoutsideand plastic bag inside;

1-25kgs packaging, aluminium Foilbagoutside and double plastic bag inside;

Delivery Detail: within 3 days whenget thepayment

Shipping: We have Professionalshippingagent, based on customers ' demand for transport

By express: FEDEX,DHL,EMS ,UPS,TNTect.

By SEA and By AIR

The factory that has cooperated for several years, the person in charge is very attentive, and the products are also very fine, worthy of cooperation!
The powder is of good quality!
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Hesperidin 90%

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Hesperidin Powder

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Hesperidin Powder
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Hesperidin Powder

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